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Beltane May 2023

Beltane, whose roots are in Celtic/Pagan culture, is celebrated on May 1st (in the Northern Hemisphere. September 1st in the Southern Hemisphere). One of the eight Sabbats, it marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. On this day where the Earths energies are considered the strongest Spring begins awakening making this a time to embrace new life and fertility.

A time where the Gods and Goddesses come together since this is a holiday that celebrates love and romance. And like Samhain, it is believed that the veil between the living and the spirit world are thinner due to the strong energies of the day.

With Beltane's roots in Celtic culture, was associated with the god Belenus and the goddess Flora (also Ostara) who represented growth, abundance and fertility. Ancient people would light bonfires and dance around them in hopes to gain the blessings of the gods/goddesses for abundant and plentiful crops, healthy livestock, and abundant, happy, healthy families.

Wiccans incorporate elements of the Celtic Beltane into their celebrations, by lighting fires and dancing around the Maypole. This may not always be the case each individual Wiccan may choose to celebrate Beltane in their own unique way by honoring their personal beliefs and connections to the earth.

Below are just a few ways to celebrate Beltane:

  1. Set up a Beltane Altar: A small altar dedicated to Beltane would consist of Brightly colored flowers, Cyrstals, Ribbon and other symbols of manifestation.

  2. Flower Crowns: Create Flower Crowns that consist of the following flowers: Primrose, Marigolds, Honeysuckles, Jasmine, Orange Rose and Buttercup along with brightly colored ribbons.

  3. Celebrate your sexuality: Beltane is a holiday that celebrates Carnal Pleasures making this a great time to celebrate your sexuality. Celebrate by doing the following such as adding a little "sexiness" to your wardrobe, paper yourself with a massage/facial/or a relaxing ritual bath, or even love making, or self-pleasuring helps to celebrate the day.

  4. Bonfire: Light a fire, to symbolizes the returning light and the warmth of the sun. If you are unable to light a bonfire you can light a candle to represent the fire.

These are just a few examples of how to celebrate Beltane. You can do whatever helps you to embrace the new life and abundance that the renewed time brings.

Blessed Beltane Warriors!


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