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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

The March full moon, also known as the Full Worm Moon, will occur on March 25, 2024, at 3:01 am EST in the sign of Libra. This full moon is special because a lunar eclipse will occur and it also happens to be a blood moon. The full worm moon marks the transition of seasons, from winter to spring, and heralds the start of the eclipse season. It is considered the final moon of winter as a sign of new beginnings.

Some Native American Tribes see the Worm Moon as a time of rebirth and renewal. The Earth begins its thaw from the winter months as the worms return to the soil, helping to bring nutrients to the land. Spiritually, since this moon appears in the sky during a time of change in the seasons, there tends to be a potential for increased spiritual messages. The potential for spiritual awakening, becoming more aware of your spiritual self, and deepening the connection with your higher self and guides.

This moon also marks a time of purification and cleansing to help bring clarity to the decision-making process. Although full moons are typically a time of release, this can be seen as a time to set one's intention or start new projects.

Eclipse season is a time of transformation and growth. This full moon will ask one to re-evaluate your relationships (friendships, intimate relationships, business partnerships, etc.) and any toxic patterns/behaviors that prevent one from finding true happiness. There will also be a focus on creative endeavors and situations that may require cooperation and collaboration. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, one may find a strong urge to update and beautify or physically change your surroundings.

Although eclipse season is a time of growth and transformation, it is also a time where emotions tend to run high; however, since it will occur in Libra, you will find that you may have a strong desire to resolve any conflict(s) that may arise. 

Ways to tap into the full moon energy.

*Prayer/Meditation - Prayers can help one connect to the spiritual realm helping to grant wishes and requests. Meditation can help to bring one peace and calm and bring a sense of being centered and grounded making way for one to evolve into the best version of their true authentic self.

*Set Intentions - Although full moons are typically used as a time of release, this full moon brings in clarity of the mind to help ensure one makes the right decision(s).

*Full Moon Rituals - Performing spiritual baths and/or sleeping under the light of the moon (if possible) are great ways to harness the energy of this full moon.

Remember Warriors, however you choose to utilize and/or harness the energy of this full moon remain positive, centered, focused, and grounded, and above all have an attitude of gratitude no matter what may come your way.

Lady Grey Wolf 

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