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The Rose of Jericho is a unique, distinguished plant that holds significance in many different religions & spiritual practices. Known as "The Resurrection Plant" the Rose of Jericho, when dried, is a compact ball and seems withered & dead. However, when placed in water, the plant blooms lusciously green and comes "back to life"

This Rose of Jericho Oil contains the miraculous metaphysical properties of the plant, in a conveniently infused oil.

This oil can be used to:

Welcome protection, invoke blessings of abundance, good fortune, success & prosperity, bring Manifestations into fruition, inspire healing on many levels, inspire joy & happiness and bring favorable outcomes.

You can use it on candles, in spell work and rituals, anoint yourself and money with it, use it in Manifestation work and so much more!

Comes in a 4oz dropper bottle

*Magical outcome and / or outcomes are not guaranteed*

Rose of Jericho

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