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Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon in 14 degrees of Scorpio, aka the Flower Moon, occurs on May 5, 2023, at 1:34pm EST and will be slightly more powerful than a regular full moon due to its subtle penumbral lunar eclipse. This Full moon will form an opposition not only to the Sun in Taurus but to Uranus as well causing a highlight of the home, family and close relationships (including intimate ones).

Nicknamed the "Flower Moon" due to May being the month when many flowers begin to bloom, "April showers bring May flowers", Native tribes have given this moon different names. Names such as the "Milk Moon", "Corn Planting Moon", "Planting Moon" and "Bright Moon".

So, let's dive into the nuts and bolts of this full moon.

With its opposition to the sun in Taurus, this will highlight the home, family and close relationships (including intimate ones) for the next two weeks. Taurus rules matters of personal values, material goods/possessions and security while Scorpio rules shared possessions, change/transformation and the destruction of form. The sun while in Taurus encourages happiness in the simple things in life while Scorpio highlights lifes mysteries and complexities. The Sun-Moon opposition could create increased pressures (from external sources) and tension (from within) as you navigate through what you need and what you want. Full moons often cause heighten emotions and intuition. This would be a great time to utilize them to help overcome relationship challenges. Keep your thoughts and actions as positive as possible because negative thoughts/feelings immediately cause disharmony.

Uranus (also known as the Great Awakener) rules creativity, scientific genius, strong impulse for rebellion, independence, a desire to break rules and demolish established patterns or structures, thus creating sudden/radical change.

Uranus will overturn anything traditional, conventional or orthodox that it deems has outlived its usefulness and no longer serves you.

With the full moons opposition to Uranus expect unexpected events and sudden changes even a few not so pleasant surprises. On a subconscious level you my feel the need for change which may cause you to act in an unusual or spontaneous way. It creates a contradiction between your need for emotional support and your desire for independence leading to mood swings, stress, detachment. This can cause one to become nervous, anxious or easily distracted. Instead remember to be patient, flexible and adaptable when it comes to these sudden disruption/changes. Do not overreact or rebel! Do not respond with impulsive emotional reactions for this response may bring more disruption/chaos. Now is not the time for significant changes to goals or lifestyles.

Remember full moons are about highlighting issues that you have not dealt with. It's about expressing oneself and getting things "off your chest" but doing so with caution and care.

The effects of this eclipse may last for 2 weeks, so utilize the waning moon phase for letting go of people/places/habits that no longer serve you, resting, healing, releasing, meditating, quiet contemplation.

Every sign will be affected by this full moon but will heavily affect the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Light and Love,

Lady Grey Wolf

The partial lunar eclipse will be visible in Central Asia, Africa, Australia, and parts of the Pacific.

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