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Use for anointing candles and/or the body

Choose from:

*Amethyst Oil ~ Great for activating and stimulating the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras.

Good for overall protection from negative energies.

*Selenite Oil ~ Great for cleansing home, car, office, bath & body and Anointing candles.

*Black Cat Protection Oil ~ Great for mojo bags, financial, luck, reversal spells, rid back luck and hex breaking.

*Goddess Oil ~ Great for Love Spells, Goddess invocation, healing rituals and all forms of positive white magic. Great for ritual baths or anointing candles.

*Fire Water Oil ~ Great for Love Spells, success / prosperity, revenge and reversal spells.

*Good Luck Oil ~ Great for welcoming good luck, abundance and good fortune.

*Anointing Oil ~ Blessing candles before rituals

*Magical outcome and/ or outcomes are not guaranteed*

Anointing Oils

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