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Pear-A-Dise Bath Soak
This Luxurious, Decadent Blend of Herbs & Salts will Transport You to Pure Bliss and Relaxation. The Scent of Asian Pear & Essential Oils is Sure to Welcome Feelings of Bliss, Beauty and Enjoyment


Day Dreams Bath Soak
Indulge in the Splendor this Day Dreams Bath Soak Brings. Welcoming Feelings of Relaxation and Rejuvenation - This Bath Soak is perfect for Releasing Stress and Welcoming Positive Blissful Energies.


Soothing Muscles

Rough day? Hard Workout? Enjoy a relaxing bath with our Soothing Muscles Bath Soaks. This bath soak is perfect for relieving tired and achy muscles.


Bittersweet Dreams

A unique blend of organic herbs help to create a mild earthy smell designed to help one relax and promote sleep.

Bath Soaks

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