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Your Favorite Locally Foraged / Homegrown Smudge Bundles, Intently Woven from Herbs & Botanicals are now available in Value Packs!

Choose from:

Bring in the Love ~ Welcome Authentic, Unconditional forms of Love into your Life - Surrounding you in Loving Energy.

Grounding & Balance ~ Instilling Balance & Harmony into your Life, Promoting Grounding & Stability, Lending Feelings of Support & Comfort.

Stress Be Gone ~ Promoting Stress Reduction & Anxiety Relief, Calm Scattered Nerves, Soothe Tension & Chaos, Instilling Mental Focus & Feelings of Peace.

Home Blessings ~ May Your Home Be Your Safe Haven, The Foundation From Which Your Joy & Happiness Grows, A Sacred Space That Is Blessed with Love, Laughter, Joy, Safety & Abundance.

* Magical outcome and/ or outcomes are not guaranteed. * Do not leave lit smudge bundles unattended *Pets may be sensitive *

Smudge Bundle Value Packs

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