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Our Origins

Welcome to Spiritual Creations 111, LLC. Spiritual Creations 111, LLC (SC111) is the brainchild of Barbie Mack. Barbie started SC111 in May of 2016 out of her home. In the beginning she hosted Reiki Healing, Workshops/Classes, Meditations, Spell Work as well as Tarot/Oracle readings. In 2017 she (along with her husband and 3 children) teamed up with Root of Remedies of Root and began creating spiritually inspired jewelry items. Since that time, she has taken on the task of promoting artist who do not have a platform through the SC111 social media pages.  In 2019, SC111 began to outgrow Barbie’s home and she took on the task of looking for a new space that would accommodate not only her growing spiritual practice, but the artist that she helps to promote. On January 1, 2020 SC111 moved into its new home and is now located in Parkesburg, Penna. We look forward to offering Parkesburg and those individuals in the surrounding area a place to relax, learn and grow through spiritual healing/guidance, Metaphysical Work as well as the many facets of art media offered at our studio. There is something for everyone aged 0-100+.


Barbie Mack (Lady Gray Wolf) Owner

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