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6" spell candles 


Choose from 

White - Peace, Purity, Healing, Good for Any Spell, Meditation

Black - Protection, Remove Negativity, Pride, Safety, Banishing Spells

Green - Luck, Money, Success, Personal Goals

Red - Sexual Energy, Physical Attraction, Passion, Fire, Lust, Action

Pink - Love, Femininity, Affection, Self Love, Friendship

Blue - Protection, Focus, Good Fortune, Truth Spells, Spirituality

Purple - Spiritual/Psychic Development, Tranquility, Drive Away Evil, Consciousness

Gold - Immediate Luck Spells, Money, Communication, Solar Energy Spells

Grey - Serenity, Remove Negativity around a person/situation, Eliminates Negativity

Assort. Spell Candles 6"

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