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Introducing our new line of Fragrance Oils, a healthier alternative to chemical based perfumes.

Each scent has been carefully crafted using essential and Jojoba oils to create not only unique Earthy scents but are also great for the skin.

*Zen - a blend of Lemongrass, Lavender, Clary Sage and Patchouli help to create a unique Earth tone scent

*Gaia - a blend of Jasmine, Vetiver, Lemon, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang help to create a light floral scent

*Woodsmen - a blend of Bergamot, Frankinscense and Pine help to create a woodsy scent.

*Sweet Musk - a blend of Frankincense, Lime and Cedar Wood help to create a very light and sweet musk scent.

*Geo - a blend of Bergamot, Cardamon, Patchouli Cedar Wood help to create a pleasant outdoorsy scent.

*Meadow - a blend of Rose, Jasmine and Vanilla help to create a light floral scent.

*Lovers Rose - a blend of Rose, Lime and Vetiver to help create a lovely rosey scent.

*Forest Mist - a blend of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang and Lavender to help create a calming citrus scent.

*Frolic - a blend of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla to help create a sweet uplifting scent.

Fragrance Oils - Earth Line

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