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GMO free sustainably harvested hand wrapped smudge bundles.

Choose from the following bundles:


*Wealth & Abundance - This Bundle is Intended to Welcome Wealth & Abundance into your Life & Clear Away Any Obstacles that may be Preventing you from Living Your Prosperous Life

*Wild & Free - This Bundle is Intended to Welcome & Expand Feelings of Joy & Happiness, Inspire Optimism & Zest for Life and Promote Adventure, Limitless Imagination & Dreams

*Protection - This Bundle is Intended to Protect You & Your Environment from any Negative Energies, Dis-Ease or Intentions, Prevent Energy Attacks or Syphonings and Protect You from all Evil Doings & Harm

*Bring In The Love - This Bundle is Intended to Welcome Authentic, Unconditional Forms of Love into Your Life, Welcoming Loving Friendships, Relationships and Family Bonds and Discourages any Inauthentic or Shallow Forms of False Love.

*Cleanse & Heal - This Bundle is Intended to Promote Powerful, Deep Healing on all Levels, Cleanse & Clear Away Negative Energies, Stagnation or Energetic Blockages and Release / Heal Emotional Turmoil & Trauma

*Rise Above - This Bundle is Intended to Instill Strength, Focus & Grace to Help you through Life's Challenges & Hardships - Bringing Feelings of Support, Clarity & Self Confidence.

*Deep Meditation - This Bundle is Intended to Deepen Your Meditative Practices, Open Channels of Higher Guidance & Communication, Promote Grounding & Message Retainment and Help Release Any Feelings of Disconnection or Doubt

*Grounding & Balance - This Bundle is Intended to Promote Grounding & Stability, Instill Balance & Harmony within your Environment, Help Decompress Stressful & Chaotic Energies and Lend Feelings of Support & Calm

*Be Present - This Bundle is Intended to Help Soothe Anxiety & Depression, Calm Frayed Nerves, Invite Peace & Tranquility to Fill Your Space and Clear Away Stress or Tension

*Ancestral Connection - This Bundle is Intended to Assist You in Connecting to & Honoring Your Ancestors, Assist in Healing Generational Curses & Trauma, Open Channels of Clear Communication & Love and Bring Forth the Wisdom & Guidance of Your Loved Ones Before You.

Smudge Bundles

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