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Handcrafted from a luxurious blend of herbs & salts, each Spiritual Bath Soak offers you an energy-infused intention blend designed to assist you along your Spiritual Journey.


Comes with a user-friendly guide on how to utilize the intentions of each blend.


Choose from:


LOVE ~ Designed to help with overall improvement of love life, encourages ongoing romantic relationships, helps attract new love and soothes heartbreak. Contains Crystals


PURIFICATION ~ Designed to help cleanse people and environments, cut ties with toxic people, relationships and situations, recharge energy, relieve stress and anxiety and remove obstacles, barriers, blocks and negative energy.


ROAD OPENER ~ Designed to help remove blockages pertaining to success, good fortune, abundance, good health, money, love, promotion. Helps when feeling stuck or stagnant in your life / magical practice.



PROTECTION ~ Designed to ward against evil & unwanted energies and to help release fear & negativity.


*Magickal Outcomes(s) not guaranteed*

Spiritual Bath Soaks

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