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Hybrid Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (April 19 & 20)

Today marks the start of a rare astrological/astronomical event in our skies, a hybrid total solar eclipse. The eclipse creates a ring of fire around the moon as it shifts from a total solar eclipse to an annular and happens every 10+ years. The event can be viewed throughout the world but will be best seen in the skies over Australia.

Occurring during a new moon (April 20th at 12:12 EDT) while also in a challenging square to Pluto, the effects will be felt up to 6 months after the date of the event.

The overall theme of the eclipse: Sacrificing the need to be in control. One would be wise to be mindful of power struggles, anger, agitation and aggression that their need for controlling any situation may cause. This may result in a negative outcome. Remember to speak from a place of love and most of all BE PATIENT and STAY GROUNDED! Also, one could easily slip into feelings of being overwhelmed or anxious. Be very mindful of your mental health during this time frame. (Please seek mental health treatment if these feelings become increasingly worse)

Eclipses signify endings/beginnings and major life changes/events especially with the square to Pluto (planet of transformation). Thus, making it a prime time for a fresh start, starting new projects or turning over a new leaf. One should expect dramatic changes during this time period not only within us but also with the world at large.

We will also experience a new moon at this time; however, this is not the time to set intentions. This is a time of reflection and getting in touch with nature. A time to go inward to help you set up which steps are necessary for accomplishing your goals/future plans. You may not feel the effects of the eclipse immediately. You may see the effect unfold in the days following and may come in the form of signs and symbols. Pay attention!

The hybrid solar eclipse is the rarest of all with only seven of them taking place in the 21st century, including one on Thursday, with the last one seen in 2013 and the next will occur in 2031.

occur in 2031.

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